Corporate Profile

Name Sanyo Engineering & Construction Inc.
Incorporated October 28, 1948
Amount of Capital 1,190,250,000 in Japanese yen
Construction business licenses Licensed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Special-29) No. 1729 (Civil engineering, Electricity, Ducts, Communication, Steel, Painting) Licensed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (General-29) No. 1729 (Fire extinguishing)
Stock Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Stock code 1960)
Representative President Yoshiya Yahata
Employees Non-consolidated 779 (As of March 31, 2018)
Consolidated   1,219 (As of March 31, 2018)
Business Content Electrical facility work
Electric power transmission work and electrical distribution work
Power generation and substation facility work
Instrument facility work
Communication facility work
Air conditioning, water supply, and drainage work
Civil engineering work
Steel structure work
Painting work
Interior finish work
Fire extinguishing facility work
Survey work
Production and sales of electric equipment
Buying,selling,renting and managing real estate
Construction consultancy
Electric power generation and sales
Worker dispatch (Specified)

Directors, Auditors and Executive Officers(As of June 22, 2018)

President Yoshiya Yahata
Executive Vice President Takashi Kato
Director / Managing Executive Officer

Nobutaka Yahata
Kunio Maruoka

Director / Senior Executive Officer Ko Idezaki
Outside Director

Masao Nakao
Masaomi Sato

Standing Corporate Auditor Osamu Shirai
Outside Corporate Auditor

Katsusada Akiyama
Hideki Hirano

Senior Executive Officer Masayuki Nishi
Executive Officer

Masashi Ito
Joji Yamauchi
Shigeki Matsumoto
Koichi Izumi
Masayuki Kadowaki
Tadashi Kono
Fumihide Funato
Makoto Endo
Kenichi Miyamoto
Shinji Kurio
Masayuki Kojima
Hidemi Takizawa

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