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Solar power generation facilities

Solar power generation is a clean and environmentally friendly energy generation system that does not produce carbon dioxide (C02), which is known to cause global warming. Recently, as part of measures being taken for environmental protection, demand from customers to introduce these systems has suddenly increased.
The merits of solar power generation facilities include not having to be selective about a location for the facilities, the comparative ease of maintenance due to the simple structure, and securement of a power source when disasters occur; based on these factors even further introduction of these facilities is expected in the future.
We have been conventionally accumulating know-how for solar power generation from module installation to line linkage system construction. We use construction technology for our current core products, crystalline modules, and what are expected to be core products in the future, thin film based modules. We have established an integrated system in response to customers' needs including subsidy application, planning, design, construction, and aftercare.


■ Customer: Special Nursing Home Keyakiso
■ Location: Roof of Special Nursing Home Keyakiso, Sugeta-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama City, Japan,
■ Maximum power output: 63kw
■ Module panel: 350 panels of 180w
          (manufactured by Sharp)
■ Completion date: March, 2010

List of works constructed by us with solar power generation facilities


NTT Musashino Research and Development Center (36kw)


Dowa Kasai Yono Building (20kw)


Kojimachi 2-chome Public Facility (10kw)


Nagakute-cho Welfare House (10kw)


Hiratsuka Arena (4.5kw)


Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Administrative Area (greenhouse and garden section ) (10kw+5.5kw× 2 locations)


Meiji Restoration 100th Anniversary Memorial Park Stadium (14kw)


Special Nursing Home Keyakiso (63kw)


Tojinkai Chofu kaen (10kw)


New Gymnasium of Masaki Junior High School (50.4kw)


Ozu Legal Affairs Bureau Branch (Ehime) (10kw)


Hiroshima Prefecture Mutual Aid Association (15kw)


Student Union of Fukuyama University (20kw)


Innoshima Campus of Fukuyama University (20kw)


Building 9 of Fukuyama Heisei University (20kw)

ESCO business

The ESCO business provides comprehensive services related to energy saving and contributes to customer profit and preservation of the global environment. By guaranteeing energy savings for the period of this business, we receive monetary compensation equivalent to a portion of the energy saving effectiveness passed on to customers. All costs, such as investment and interest required for energy saving modification, are compensated with the amount of costs reduced due to energy saving. The amount of cost reduction after the end of contract period is pure profit for the customer. The services which we provide may consist of any or all of the following based on meetings with the customer:

(1)Proposal of energy saving based on energy diagnostics
(2)Design and construction for energy saving to achieve the proposal
(3)Maintenance and operation management of equipment to be introduced
(4)Services related to energy supply
(5)Arrangement of project funds
(6)Guarantee of energy saving effectiveness
(7)Measurement and review of energy saving effectiveness
(8)Improvement proposals based on measurement and review

Our major works
Esco Business Chokaiso, Foresta Chokai

In 2006, we participated in an ESCO business for Chokaiso, a public facility run by the government of Yurihonjo City in Akita Prefecture, and for the third sector Foresta Chokai as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company.
This project intends to fully use new energy, save energy, and reduce CO2 by utilizing naturally occurring natural gas for a cogeneration system.

PFI business

We are proactively participating in various PFI projects as a representative special-purpose company in order to achieve the projects' goals, and as a constituent company and/or cooperative company in specialized equipment fields including electricity, air conditioning and hygiene.

Our PFI project works
・ Toshinden Environment Center residual heat using new facility construction work
・ Imari City school catering center improvement project
・ Higashine City School catering joint cooking house improvement project (Representative company)
・ Construction work on the Shimane Asahi Social Rehabilitation Promotion Center improvement and operation project
・ Hatsukaichi City Shinmiyajima Aquarium improvement project
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