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Central monitoring, control system supporting LonWorks

The adoption of open system (LonWorks) has realized higher expandability and introduction at a low cost.

Feature 1: Adoption of an open system that gives priority to the user

  • Allows system construction without relying on the manufacturer
  • Provides low initial introduction costs, low maintenance and control costs, and low repair costs

Feature 2: Adoption of iFix of world level for images*

  • Easily customized by the user
  • Accessible from anywhere on network
  • Highly flexible system is built by adopting various software

* iFix operates on Windows NT, 2000, and XP, and performs control and management of process data, graphic-based monitoring, schedule control, recipe control and report control, and is the HMI/SCADA automation software with the largest market share in the industry.

Feature 3: Adoption of the Microsoft Windows OS

  • Easy operation due to its universality
  • Able to be linked with Excel and other such programs

Major system functions

  • Power monitoring
  • Alarm monitoring (Alarming locations are viewable at a glance)
  • Lighting control
  • Monitoring of various images
  • Creation of daily and monthly reports
  • Security functions (for operation and monitoring)
  • Web monitoring and mail notification functions

What is LonWorks ?

LonWorks is a network technology which was developed in the United States by Echelon and performs intelligent distributed control for equipment. LonWorks' communication protocol, Lon Talk, was submitted to ANSI in 1999 and employed as a Standard (ANSI/EIA709.1-B). Communication technology for power lines/twisted wire at ECHELON was also submitted to ANSI and employed as a Standard.

Merit of LonWorks adoption

Because LonWorks is an open system, it is possible to purchase equipment connected to control systems, such as sensors, control units, handy units, and monitoring devices from various vendors. This allows the designer build an optimum control system by selecting and combining control equipment from various manufacturers.

Example Projects

  • ・ Central monitoring system for a bed manufacturer (Chiba)
  • ・ Central monitoring system for an art college (Tokyo)
  • ・ Central monitoring system for Hakodate National Hospital (Hokkaido)
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