Facilities Service

The Facilities Service Department of Electrical Works and Engineering Division plans, proposes, designs, and constructs renewal and energy saving technologies from a customer standpoint as a department that collectively handles building related equipment for electricity, air conditioning, and sanitary equipment with the motto of “taking good care of limited resources.” Furthermore, the department handles customer consultation, contact, and requests in connection with environment-related businesses such as energy saving measures, CO2 reduction measures, and ESCO with the most advanced solution in cooperation with other related departments in our company.

Bussiness Content

We renovate the electric, air conditioning, and sanitary equipment in various facilities, and handle environment related business such as energy saving, eco multi heat pump systems, and ESCO.

Renovation business

Under our slogan of “Conserve Limited Natural Resources,” we collectively plan, propose, design, and construct various renovations upon request, such as the addition of the newest functions to building equipment in various facilities which were built previously, as well as the updating of various equipment with low durability and associated building interiors by fully using our reliable technologies and rich experiences.

・Electric equipment
Power generation equipment works, power receiving and substation equipment works, direct current power equipment works, power equipment works, illumination equipment works, low-energy power equipment works (information, communication, broadcasting, security, acoustic), disaster prevention equipment works (automatic fire alarms, smoke prevention), parking control equipment works, lighting equipment works, etc.

・Air conditioning and ventilation equipment
Air conditioning equipment works, air conditioning duct equipment works, air conditioning piping equipment works, ventilation equipment works, ventilation duct equipment works, automatic control equipment works, smoke exhaustion equipment works, etc.

・Water supply, drainage and sanitary equipment works
Water supply equipment works, drainage equipment works, hot-water supply equipment works, gas equipment and fire extinguishing equipment works (sprinklers, fire hydrants, foam, carbon dioxide, halide), etc.

Environment related business

We are participating in a three company joint development project for an energy saving assisting function mounted central monitoring panel (Building and Energy Management System) called “Hakucho” (registered trademark), and, at the same time, are contributing to the conservation of the global environment through environment-related businesses such as plan, proposal, design, and construction related to solar power generation equipment and energy saving measures, and ESCO business and eco multi heat pump systems. Furthermore, we are contributing to society in various ways by expanding enlightening activities such as holding energy saving seminars as one of the lead companies of the NPO Environment & Energy Management Association.
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Major Works

・ESCO business Chokaiso, Foresta Chokai
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