Electric Power Works and Engineering

Since our business started in 1937 , our Electric Power Division has been growing by carrying out electric power transmission construction works as a core of the business in response to the technological revolution in power distribution equipment. We are constructing power transmission lines for all domestic power companies from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Moreover, we are also offering all construction work technologies from design to construction of power distribution equipment, including overhead and underground power transmission equipment, to overseas power companies. In recent years, we are actively entering new fields such as environmentally-friendly wind power generation equipment from the viewpoint of CO2 reduction, and broadly expanding our business while using technology cultivated in our power transmission line construction works.
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Bussiness Content

We are also entering new energy fields such as wind-power generation equipment in addition to equipment works for power distribution such as power transmission lines, power generation, and substations.

Electric power transmission works

We are undertaking one million voltage and 0.5 million voltage super-voltage overhead electric power transmission works for Japanese electric power companies. Furthermore, we are also participating in infrastructure facility projects overseas and are broadly contributing to route investigation, iron tower design, material procurement and construction for the building of electric power transmission lines.

Electric power generation and substation works

We have constructed many electric power generation projects and substations which, along with electric power transmission lines, are important equipment together. We are enhancing our technical power and are steadily achieving success with our motto of “customer satisfaction first.”

Underground line works

We have early adopted leading construction methods and technologies even in underground electric power transmission works in response to wide variety of social needs. One of our company’s characteristics is the undertaking of safe and reliable construction with a high degree of technical power and the protecting of electric power life lines.

Electric power distribution works

We set up an Electrical Distribution Works Group since 2000, steadily built up a construction track record, and further acquired specific qualifications as a constructor. We have allocated three electric distribution centers in the Chugoku region (Sanyo side) of Japan and are pushing forward every day by concentrating all of our young staff’s efforts on improving their technical skills in order to earn customer trust.

Wind-power generation equipment works

We are also positively starting construction of environmentally-friendly wind-power generation equipment from the viewpoint of CO2 reduction. We are working on the survey, design, and construction of power distribution equipment by effective utilization of natural energy by full use of our experience and technical power cultivated through our many years of power transmission line construction.

Technical development and applied products

We also focus on technical development by effectively using our accumulated technologies such as development of the central iron tower raising construction method in residential areas and the development of efficient concrete pole removal method, and development of applied products. We will actively develop and propose construction methods that meet customer demand.

Major Works

・Hino substation 500kV Kitamatsue main line pull-out work ・New Kitakami main line installation (No. 8 construction section) JV work
・New Minami-Iwaki main line installation (No. 6 construction section) JV work ・Mobile communications base station (one example)
・Chushin shimadate line No. 16 – No.21 electric wire raising work ・New Joetsu thermal power line installation (No. 1 construction section) JV work
・New Oma main line installation (No. 1 construction section) JV work ・Ryuzaki Line (Taiwan)
・Hokuto City wind conditions tower installation work (59m branch line type) ・Okawara wind farm building work (electric work)
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