Information and Communication Works

In the multi-media age, we respond to rapidly increasing and diversifying demand for information and communication equipment by constructing optical fiber communication networks to handle the increasing information, and by surveying, designing, and constructing mobile phone radio equipment. To meet the wide variety of communication carrier demand, we have contributed to communication infrastructure improvement by fully using technical prowess which we have cultivated over many years.

Bussiness Content

We are broadly working on information and communication related works such as iron communication towers, steel pipe pole works, mobile phone base station works, and communication station house equipment works in addition to the design and construction of communication line networks.

Communication line design service

In our communication line plans, we offer services at the planning stage, including making various applications to and obtaining permission from public offices, and making applications to pole owners for joint use of poles on behalf of a client.

Line utilization plan design service

We are properly meeting communication carrier needs by offering services that fully use our accumulated technical capability, including the line arrangement design of optical fiber core.

Communication line works

We are broadly working on the construction of communication lines such as optical fiber and metal communication lines, and are offering highly reliable lines by optimum construction methods under various conditions, including overhead and underground. These constructions are based on reliable optical connecting skills acquired by our staff which has been dispatched long-term to electric wire manufacturers. The skills they acquired there are our selling point. We are capable of constructing all kinds of lines from long distance to customer lead-ins.

Iron communication tower, steel pipe pole works

We have worked on various antenna construction projects such as micro iron tower works and digital radio steel pipe pole works by applying transmission line iron tower technology. We have a solid track record in this area.

Communication station house construction works

We offer full service from site development to base construction, grounding, installation of communication station houses, interior, and inspection in addition to power source related works, which is our conventional powerhouse field.

Major Works

・Mobile communications base station (one example)
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