Electrical Manufacturing Factory

We develop systems according to diversified customer needs, and design and fabricate high and low voltage distribution panels, power panels, control panels, and safety grounding tools for overhead electric lines. Furthermore, we sustained technical innovation for both hardware and software, including control systems that monitor by personal computers and mobile phones, and LONWORKS support central monitoring system (developed by us) which allows component flexibility and further process control by a sequencer.

Bussiness Content

Electric Manufacturing Factory of Electric Works and Engineering Division is designing and fabricating systems requiring electric control for plant equipment, environment processing facility and leisure equipment etc.

Environmental system

We are building up high voltage reception and distribution panel, central monitoring panel and power control panel in environmental facilities such as waste incinerator, recycle plaza, night soil disposal plant, and industrial waste disposal plant.

Agriculture modernization system (central monitoring panel, power control panel)

We are designing and manufacturing central monitoring panel and power control panel for country elevator facility and rice center equipment on agricultural site.

Industrial and mechanical system (power control panel)

We are working on mechanical systems supporting industries, such as extruder control devices, control systems for injection molding machines, control panels for cardboard carton formers, laminator control devices, cast control devices, printer control devices, coater control devices, deodorizer control panels, electric dust collector control panels, crane control panels, control panels for multistory parking lots, and gate facility control devices.

Building, factory and facility related (reception and distribution panels, power plants, alarm panels and central monitoring panels)

Building, factory and facility related (reception and distribution panels, power plants, alarm panels and central monitoring panels)
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Sports facility

We have a strong track record in sports and leisure sites and design and manufacture ski lift control devices.

Electric power related equipment

We fabricate electric power related equipment such as grounding tools and defective insulator detectors.
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Major Works

・Keio Corporation, Aobadai rail yard, High voltage receiving and substation equipment
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